Dave joined Dao Ride in December of 2019.   Dave brings with him many years of experience as a proven business man and leader in the community.   He's owned four different businesses in the pharmatech, sustainable agriculture, and real estate areas.  Dave believes in the "three P's" of business: People, Planet, and Profits.   

Dave Roeser- Co-Founder


Jeremy founded Dao Ride with one goal: to make rides safer and fairer for all.   He's been a rideshare driver since 2016 and given nearly 15,000 rides.   Jeremy earned his B.S. from Upper Iowa University and his MBA from Western Governor's University.  "I started Dao Ride, because I believe that there is a opportunity, and opportunity to make rides safer for riders and to fix the problems the drivers face every day.   That's the mission.   That's the goal."  

Jeremy Davis- Founder and CEO 


Jason has been working

 for many years in marketing and promotions.  He's currently the owner of Starhaven Films, South Dakota's premier video production company.  He earned his B.A in Marketing and Communications from Harding University and has been working in the advertising industry ever since.  

He started Starhaven Films in 2014 with the goal of bringing high quality video production services to the Siouxland South Dakota area.  Since he first saw Dead Poet's Society at 10 years old, he's had a passion for film.  Jason is very excited to bring his skill and experience to Dao Ride.   

Jason Davis- Marketing Expert and Owner of Starhaven Films